About The Founder

Ana Punzalan

Ana is a happily married woman and a mother of two boys. She has been working for more than two decades in an Engineering Design Company.

Ana started to be involved in property acquisition way back in 1995. From that time on, she became very keen on every detail related to property. She was engaged from lot acquisition to construction from
zero to a ready for occupancy house. She also excels in maintaining the property to appraise its value.

She has multiple experiences in condo searching, purchasing, and total renovation, which includes dealing with different contractors, canvassing of materials, pricing, monitoring of the construction from Day 1 until the final turn over. This experience inspired her to write a book to help those city living aspirants to find and manage the best condo for them.

​Furthermore, she manages their business, which led her to acquire information related to Property and Finance management. She has experience in business registration from the very first step to the operational step with proper documentation and permits of all the related government units.

In addition to these, she was involved and can be considered as an expert in property documentation from buying negotiation up to full registration to the buyer’s name. She knows every step of the way very well.

Lastly, she is well versed in different types of investments. She is involved in various types of insurances and investment products available in the market.

Ana came from a low-income family. . During summertime, Ana sewed baby dresses for export to help her parents in their daily needs. She exerted her best effort while studying and was able to graduate with recognition. With her undying determination, she finished her college by a scholarship granted by the Philippine Society of Mechanical Engineers. As of now, she is holding a senior managerial position in her company.

Above all, Ana is active in her growth group at the church, and actively participates in hospital visitation and will be a part of the missionary support group.

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