May 12


Condo Renovation Requirements and Processes

By Ana Punzalan

May 12, 2020

After choosing the right Contractor for your condo renovation, as discussed in my previous blog, next is to plan for the actual renovation process.

Before the construction, the owner needs to submit all necessary documents Building Admin. Be very keen on every detail of their rules. Some of the condo admin are very strict that they may hold your construction for the violation of the workers or even the owner.

Here is the list of the requirements most condos ask for a renovation:

  • Police clearance of all the workers
  • Valid Government-issued ID
  • Construction All Risk Insurance (CARI) – this is usually at a minimum coverage of five hundred thousand pesos for any damage during the construction. CARI is to be secured by the Contractor. The payment will be dependent on the agreement between the Contractor and the owner
  • Construction bond – this varies in different condos. Some condo asks fifty thousand others around thirty thousand pesos. The owner can refund the construction bond after given the occupancy permit certified by the Building Engineer. The refund processing will take thirty to sixty days, or it can be applied to future association dues.
  • A work permit is a requirement as well. In some condos, this is done every week; some have it every month. All the names of the workers, the week duration, time duration, and the basic rules are stated in the Work Permit. It should be accomplished by the owner or the Contractor dependent on their agreement. If the Contractor is the one to file for this weekly, he shall be given permission from the owner to sign the document.
  • Gate pass of incoming items should also be accomplished. An out-going gate pass is also needed if there are items to be taken out. The owner should sign the out-going gate pass, or the owner should authorize the Contractor to sign it.

After accomplishing these requirements and the start date of renovation is set, on the first day will be the orientation of the workers to be conducted usually by the Chief Security. They will be allowed to go up the unit from 8 am and should be able to come down by 5 pm. There will be no construction during lunchtime and Saturdays and Sundays and holidays.

Building Engineer and chief security will always do a random inspection during the construction. After the construction, The Building Engineer will issue a certificate of Occupancy if all in the proposed plan were executed. Usually, the Building Officials are very strict with the electrical layout. The outcome should be in accordance with the plans submitted during the approval. If there are revisions, then Building Officials might ask for as build plan signed and sealed by Engineers authorized to do it.

Condo renovation might be stressful, but this can be done with lesser stress by proper monitoring and management.

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